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As your well-being partner, we’re dedicated to helping you create a healthier and engaged workforce every day of the year. Plan ahead for your employees by taking advantage of our expert-led health and wellness webinars customized to meet the needs of your teams.

A man in a blue shirt sitting at a desk while using air pods and a computer

Create your customized well-being webinar package

Keep your team engaged year-round with our webinars covering nutrition, parenting, mental health, personal finances, workplace wellness, diversity and inclusion and much more. Download our full list of 50+ webinars here.

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Fostering Psychological Safety Towards an Inclusive Workplace

Explore the importance of psychological safety and its impact on workplaces.

A young woman sitting next to an elderly woman

How To Identify and Prevent Caregiver Stress and Burnout

Learn what caregiver burnout is and how to navigate the complexities.

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How To Incorporate Physical Health for Busy Lifestyles

Discover how to make physical health more motivating and fun.

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Self-Care Strategies for Better Mood, Sleep and Nutrition

Gain practical strategies to improve overall health while focusing on self-compassion.

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Managing Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Aims to help leaders and their teams improve communication styles and patterns.

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Insights into the Mental Health Spectrum

Explore strategies to navigate emotions and nurture your mental well-being.

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Talking to Children and Teens About Healthy Relationships

Strengthen conversations with youth about healthy and unhealthy relationships.

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How To Manage Stress

Develop a deeper understanding of stress in a conversation led by an expert.

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Building Better 2SLGBTQ+ Allyship and Workplace Support

Examine the challenges the 2SLGBTQ+ community faces globally and in the workforce.

Provide a better approach to employee well-being.

Choose from over 50 expert-led webinars designed to support your workforce. Download our full list of 50+ webinars here.