GreenShield Cares about oral health

A patient sat in a dentists chair looking at her smile in a mirror

Oral health is about a lot more than just brushing and flossing daily. It’s integral to an individual’s overall health and supports them in participating in society and achieving their full potential.1

And yet, many Canadians don’t have access to dental care and are going without treatment, which can lead to a range of health impacts, from physical pain to illness. GreenShield Cares is changing that by partnering with organizations to help underserved and equity-seeking Canadians access quality dental care.

A patient sat in a dentists chair looking at her smile in a mirror

Oral health is health

Canadians with low incomes are four times more likely to avoid seeing a dentist because of costs and twice as likely to have poor health outcomes. Seniors are some of the most vulnerable, with more than 60 per cent of people over 70 forgoing the treatment they need.2 Since 2016, GreenShield Cares has invested over $20 million to help more than 45,000 underserved and equity-seeking individuals across Canada access oral health care and services.

By partnering with local organizations that understand the unique needs of their communities, we can help ensure that the right care gets to those who need it.

GreenShiel oral health map

Meet a few of our partners helping advance oral health equity across Canada

As a non-profit health and benefits company, our profits go back into improving the well-being of Canadians and supporting underserved and equity-seeking communities. We’ve partnered with academic institutions and front-line community health providers to improve and expand access to oral health services across Canada.

Through our community partnerships, we have helped over 45,000 individuals across Canada access oral health services. In addition to filling the service gap, we invest in research that advances culturally appropriate care and services to better support the needs of our communities. Here’s a closer look at some of the work we’ve been doing.

A dentist with a mask on, standing in his clinic next to the dental chair

Free dental care makes a difference in the GTA

Patient stories from our partner, the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry’s One Smile Research program.

A group of seven healthcare professionals, three women and four men, stand in front of a colorful mural featuring cartoon-style drawings of people engaging in various activities. All are wearing masks and appear in a mix of professional and medical attire, including scrubs and business suits, symbolizing a team effort in a healthcare setting.

Advancing health equity on the East Coast

How our partnership with Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Dentistry expands access for equity-seeking communities across Halifax.

GreenShield's leadership team posing together at a company event

New clinic with Alberta Health Services

Introducing the first public health dental clinic in Alberta’s Central Zone to offer free dental care to underserved groups.

A healthy smile shouldn’t be a luxury

Going without dental treatment can have impacts far beyond pain, discomfort, and embarrassment. Poor oral health can create barriers to employment and education and can trigger or increase mental health symptoms. Here’s the story of two Canadians whose lives have been positively changed through our oral health initiatives.

1 World Health Organization Global Oral Health Status Report

2 Canadian Health Measures Survey