GreenShield Cares about mental health

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Of the 8 million Canadians who reported needing mental health services in the last year, only 24 per cent had their needs fully met. 1

We’re collaborating with partners to advance health equity and expand access to mental health services and resources that support underserved communities and reflect the diverse identities and experiences of people living in Canada.

Students posing for a picture with their arms around each other
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We exist to champion Better Health for All™️

As a non-profit health and benefits company, we reinvest our earnings and redeploy our health services to improve the well-being of those living in Canada.   

Since 2018, we’ve invested over $18.5 million in mental health initiatives, providing complimentary support to nearly 200,000 people from equity-seeking groups.   

We’re committed to investing $75 million to impact over one million lives by 2025.   

Mental health isn’t one-size-fits-all

Everyone’s mental health journey looks different. This is Jessica’s story.

Meet our mental health partners

Through deep and collaborative partnerships, we’re expanding access to mental health support — such as culturally sensitive, trauma-informed virtual therapy — and introducing new services tailored to the unique needs of communities across Canada. Here’s a closer look at some of our recent initiatives.

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Strong Minds Strong Kids

See how SMSK’s Make the Connection program supports caregivers and helps build resilient families by strengthening the parent-child bond.

“Many of our clients who've experienced homelessness, poverty, unemployment or complex trauma, have real and significant mental health needs. GreenShield has allowed us to respond to the mental health needs of our clients.”

– Linda Yuval, National Director of Programs and Impact for Up with Women.
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Spotlight: GreenShield Cares Women’s Mental Health program

Our Women’s Mental Health program offers free culturally sensitive, trauma-informed virtual therapy and a complimentary one-year subscription to internet-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Digital iCBT) to those 18+ in Canada who identify as women, non-binary, and gender non-conforming.   

Since 2021, we’ve helped nearly 85,000 women living in Canada access mental health support at no cost.  

In 2024, GreenShield is deepening the impact of this initiative through partnerships and expanding access to innovative programs.  

Mental health resources

Therapy brief: Digital CBT

Internet-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is an effective anxiety and depression management tool.

Which type of therapy is right for you?

Finding the right mental health support is a critical part of your mental health journey.

Mental health tips for new parents

How healthy parent-child relationships improve well-being.

1 Mental Health Research Canada: