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From single parents working multiple jobs to keep their family afloat to early retirees, working part-time, with no dependent coverage, many Canadians earn just enough to be ineligible for the social assistance programs that would give them access to provincial prescription drug coverage, but not enough to afford vital medications to maintain their health. As a result, these individuals often must choose between paying for their prescription medication or meeting their basic needs, which could lead to poor long-term health outcomes and a lower quality of life.

The inability to afford essential medicines should never be a barrier to good health. This GreenShield Cares program provides essential medications to Ontarians that are ineligible for an Ontario public drug program and without private insurance, free of charge.

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Who this program helps

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The gig worker

Vanessa is a 31-year-old, resilient single mother who balances multiple jobs to keep her family afloat but doesn’t have any group benefits coverage.2 Despite her long working hours, she falls into the income gap, earning just enough to be ineligible for social assistance programs that provide prescription drug coverage.

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The young adult aged out of provincial coverage

As a youth, the provincial health care plan covered Omar’s prescription medication.2 Now that he is 25, he is no longer eligible for this coverage. Though he earns a modest paycheque, the cost of his medications is now a significant expense that adds to his financial and mental strain.

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The early retiree on a fixed income

Kim, a 62-year-old retired woman, working part-time, lost her dependent health care coverage after her partner’s passing.2 Paying for her prescription medications out of her own pocket is challenging and leaves little room for unexpected costs.  

It's in our DNA to find a better way

No out-of-pocket costs.

No co-pays or deductibles.

Free delivery of medications.

We are championing better health for all by bridging the gap on essential medicines.

1 The Conference Board of Canada, Understanding the Gap 2.0 

2 Details have been changed to protect privacy.

3 Eligible benefits are limited to a maximum of $1,000 per 12 months from enrolment date. This includes the cost of medication and dispensing fees.

4 UnityHealth, CLEAN Meds Study