Webinar: How To Manage Stress

November 22, 2023

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Language: English/French 

Duration: 1 Hour 

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Develop a deeper understanding of stress in a conversation led by an expert in the mental health field. Participants will explore the nature of stress, including "fight or flight" responses, how to change and improve thought patterns and how to healthily approach stressful situations. The webinar also explores tips for better time management and how to practice specific stress-relieving relaxation techniques. 

Sample Key Awareness and Visibility Days

  • World Health Day - April 7, 2024 
  • Mental Health Awareness Week - May 2024 
  • Mental Illness Awareness Week - October 6-12, 2024 
  • World Mental Health Day - October 10, 2024 
  • National Stress Awareness Day - November 6, 2024 

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Request more information about this webinar or related titles