At GreenShield, we strive to meet or exceed customer expectations.... always.

This includes meeting the needs of our customers who have a disability. We are committed to ensuring the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities. All persons, whether a person’s disability is apparent or not, will be treated with courtesy, made to feel welcome and have their need for accommodation respected whenever they interact with GreenShield and its employees.  

GreenShield has an Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities Policy.  The objectives of the Policy are to:

  • Promote and maintain an environment that enables the participation of persons with disabilities whether as clients, customers, business partners or employees
  • Educate GreenShield employees about the importance of facilitating access for persons with disabilities and about the provisions of GreenShield’s Accessibility Policy
  • Ensure GreenShield is in compliance with applicable legislation, regulations and standards in relation to persons with disabilities

In accordance with the GreenShield Accessibility for Persons with Disability Policy, feedback about the effectiveness of GreenShield’s services to people with disabilities is welcomed. Please click here to send us your feedback or click here to here to view our complete accessibility policy.

Where feedback involves a complaint, efforts will be made to address the matter immediately, however, in all cases, complaints will be responded to within 30 days. Please click here to access our Customer Complaint Resolution Process.

Click here to review our multi-year accessibility plan.

GreenShield is committed to inclusivity and providing accessible information and communications. If you require an accessible communication format or support to use this site, or if you have any feedback on how we can make this site more accessible for persons with disabilities, please click here or contact