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Caring is in our DNA

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Social impact drives our purpose, and our commitment to advancing health equity touches everything we do.

Our Creating Shared Value model powers our mission, integrating our social impact with our business strategies. As we grow, we expand our impact and become an even stronger force for good in the communities we serve.

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Our commitment to Canadians

As a non-profit health and benefits company, we reinvest our earnings and redeploy our health services to improve the well-being of those living in Canada.

We're a force for good, building a future where every Canadian thrives

$ 75,000,000

The number of dollars we’ll invest in social impact initiatives by 2025


The number of lives we’ll impact through our social impact initiatives by 2025

Oral Health

We’ve invested over $20 million to help more than 45,000 equity-seeking individuals across Canada access oral health care and services.   

Mental Health

Since 2018, we’ve invested over $18.5 million in mental health initiatives, positively impacting 300,000 Canadians.

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Essential Medicines

Our program is the first of its kind to provide essential medications to low-income Canadians without public or private prescription drug coverage.

Better health for all starts with strong and collaborative partnerships

We work with organizations across the country to expand access to care that reflects the diverse
identities and experiences of people living in Canada. Watch the video below to meet some of our Oral Health program partners.

Social Impact Reports

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