Webinar: Insights into the Mental Health Spectrum

November 22, 2023

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Language: English/French 

Duration: 1 Hour 

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Gain a deeper understanding of the consequences of mental health stigma, including discovering effective strategies to navigate emotions and gathering insights on self-care practices to nurture our mental well-being. Our expert will guide and engage participants by asking what it means to have and maintain mental health while defining what a mental health disorder is and understanding the pathways to recovery. 

Sample Key Awareness and Visibility Days

  • Mental Health Awareness Week – May 2024 
  • World Suicide Prevention Day - September 10, 2024 
  • Mental Illness Awareness Week - October 6-12, 2024 
  • World Mental Health Day - October 10, 2024 

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  • Understanding the Importance of Self-Care 
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  • Breaking Down How Stress Impacts the Body 
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  • Self-Care Strategies for Better Mood, Sleep and Nutrition 
  • Overcoming the Stigmatization of Mental Health and Wellness 
  • Fostering Psychological Safety Toward an Inclusive Workplace 
  • Managing Suicidal Ideation: Strategies for Prevention and Support 
  • Leadership Impact on Psychological Health and Wellness in the Workplace 
  • And more 

Request more information about this webinar or related titles