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Unlocking Better Health for All 

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GreenShield Administration is at the forefront of total health benefits management across pharmacy benefits management, claims adjudication and benefits administration. Our capabilities provide clients with access to proprietary data, invaluable insights, and an enhanced healthcare experience, all while effectively managing and controlling costs.

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We are the only partner able to offer an end-to-end suite of integrated health and benefits technology and services tailored to customers of all sizes, from large organizations to small companies and entrepreneurs.

Total health benefits management

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Benefits administration

Flexible and scalable benefits administration technology and outsourcing solutions.

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Claims adjudication

Innovative industry-leading drug, dental, and extended health service adjudication solutions.

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Pharmacy benefits management

Expertise paired with a renewed focus on a plan member’s experience to help manage the growing complexity of today’s drug benefit plans. 

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Group coverage for Small Business

Flexible digital benefits experience for businesses with 2 to 50 employees.

2023 GreenShield Administration Drug Trends Report

Our annual report provides data based on +32 million claims from over two million drug claimants processed by GreenShield Administration. Key insights include therapeutic categories likely to impact benefit plans in 2023: ADHD, migraines, and asthma.

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Bridging the essential medicines gap

The inability to afford essential medicines should never be a barrier to good health. GreenShield Cares’ Essential Medicines program helps bridge this accessibility divide, ensuring individuals never go without the medication they need.

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An integrated health and benefits experience

Introducing GreenShield+, a first-of-its-kind integrated solution that is reinventing the health care and benefits experience.

Coverage and care, all in one place

GreenShield offers a new model of care that combines insurance benefits with health providers, to simplify your health journey. 

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Whether you’re looking for comprehensive health and dental plans for individuals or employees, GreenShield Insurance offers easy-to-navigate, flexible coverage.

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You deserve a healthcare team that is ready and available whenever you need them. Our mental health, pharmacy, and medical care providers are integrated with our benefits coverage for easy-to-navigate, seamless care.

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