We Make a Difference…With Leadership that Transforms

April 27, 2021

gsc update

As a leading health innovator and a wide-reaching social enterprise, Green Shield Canada (GSC) is committed to delivering meaningful solutions to improve health and well-being. Increasingly, in this fast-evolving benefits landscape, that means focusing on digital health care, where GSC is playing a growing leadership role.

Heading into this next chapter at GSC, Brent Allen, Executive Vice President, Group, is pleased to announce Michael Bradie as the new Vice President, Growth & Client Service.

Michael is an ideal choice to guide the Growth & Client Service team. He knows GSC inside out through his experience in several internal roles – from finance to data analytics to innovation – and that knowledge is supplemented by his work at a global management consulting firm where he served clients in the healthcare and financial services sector. His varied background includes leading client engagements, implementing large-scale transformations, building product solutions, and managing relationships with strategic partners.

Michael and his passionate team believe in GSC’s dedication to service, innovation, and the sustainability of plans – and are driven to help bring leading solutions to advisors and clients, while also furthering GSC’s capacity to give back to communities across the country.