GSC enhances standard travel plans with new quarantine coverage

July 30, 2021

GSC update

GSC introduces quarantine coverage for fully vaccinated travellers who test positive for COVID-19

As travel gradually inches its way back onto the horizon, the Green Shield Canada (GSC) team is closely monitoring the latest developments in order to best support plan sponsors and plan members alike. While we continue to view the Government of Canada advisory as the primary guideline, we understand that plan members will make their own choices around travelling. In these situations, we firmly believe that providing peace of mind is the right thing to do. For that reason, we announced in April that all standard GSC travel plans had been updated to include coverage for emergency medical expenses related to COVID-19 through December 31, 2021, up to the existing maximums and limitations within each plan.

To align with this coverage for medical treatment, and in light of the ongoing vaccine rollout, we are extending some of the other benefits of our standard travel plans from August 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021 to cover expenses incurred by Fully Vaccinated Travellers1(see footnote for a full definition) who test positive for COVID-19 while travelling and are required to quarantine outside of their province of residence.

The following benefits, already included in our standard travel plans, will now be accessible during a quarantine period for a covered Fully Vaccinated Traveller who tests positive for COVID-19 during their trip and is delayed in returning home:

  • Meal and accommodation expenses of up to $150/day (to a maximum of $1,500) where quarantine is required outside of Canada (or within Canada and outside of a plan member’s province of residence) when they cannot board their pre-arranged transportation home;
  • Medical expenses incurred during the quarantine period including extension of prescription medications and follow up COVID-19 tests;
  • Additional expenses incurred for one-way economy fare to return home for the covered quarantined person(s) once they are cleared for travel; and
  • Emergency medical expenses and the above quarantine expenses will continue to be eligible for up to 14 days in the event that the quarantine period causes a plan member to be away from their province of residence beyond the maximum number of days per trip covered by their plan.

If your out-of-country travel coverage is under a pure ASO funding arrangement or you have an out-of-country pooling limit, we are also extending these most recent COVID-19 coverage enhancements to your plan – the same approach that we took with the April 2021 enhancements. Please contact your GSC account team for more information.

In order to be eligible for this coverage the traveller must contact GSC Travel Assistance at the beginning of their quarantine period after receiving a positive COVID-19 test. To be considered for payment, all claims must include the following:

  • Evidence of being a Fully Vaccinated Traveller
    • Government-issued proof of vaccination document for those eligible to be vaccinated in Canada; or
    • Medical evidence indicating that the individual has a condition to which COVID-19 vaccine is contraindicated;
  • Proof of positive COVID-19 test at destination;
  • Trip itinerary for all covered travellers identifying destination, departure date, and planned return date; and
  • Paid receipts for all eligible expenses.

If you have any questions, please contact your GSC account team or check out the GSC Support Centre. We understand that plan members may be looking for answers too and we encourage you to direct them to the Support Centre “Coronavirus” section, where we will continue to post our latest travel updates.

__________________1For the purposes of this quarantine benefit, a Fully Vaccinated Traveller is someone who is eligible for and has completed the recommended vaccine treatment considered by the Canadian government (typically two doses) at least two weeks prior to departure. Plan members can visit to determine if they are considered fully vaccinated by the Government of Canada. Travellers who are not able to receive a vaccine in Canada based on age or medical condition will be considered a Fully Vaccinated Traveller for the purpose of this quarantine coverage.