ICYMI: Services with our new travel assistance partner, CanAssistance, go live as of June 1

May 23, 2023

gsc update

As we shared in a February communication, CanAssistance will be our new partner for travel products and services, effective June 1, 2023 – and we’re excited to tap into CanAssistance’s 30+ years of experience and their extensive network of international partners.

Rest assured that the experience for plan sponsors and plan members will remain the same with CanAssistance, as coverage levels and other plan details are being matched. With the current travel assistance phone number remaining in place, there are no process changes and no new ID cards. Equally, there is no need for any significant changes to booklets or contracts. Access to view the CanAssistance website for GreenShield members will be available on June 1, 2023. In short, it’ll be business as usual.

We’re also pleased to offer some enhancements through the CanAssistance partnership, including expert pre-trip eligibility and assistance, as well as a single case number per trip to streamline the member experience.

Lastly, as of June 1, GreenShield will take on claims adjudication for groups that include a Provincial Replacement Plan. While CanAssistance will provide emergency support and plan eligibility information for plan members, claims for doctor and hospital visits will be processed by the GreenShield team.