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Here’s what you need to know about your GSC student health and dental plan…

Opt-Out Info

Have alternate equivalent coverage and want to opt-out of your student health and dental plan? Requests can be made for a limited time only. Certain restrictions may apply. Click the link below for more information.

Click here to opt-out.

Opt-In Info

Want to add a spouse or dependent child(ren) to your student health and dental plan? Contact your student union or click the link below.

Click here for opt-in info.

In-Active Period

You may be in a in-active period each year while GSC collects and updates your enrolment information. Don’t worry. You can still submit paper claims for health or dental services. We will process your claims on file once your information is updated.

Once the enrolment is complete and the in-active period ends, you can sign up for GSC everywhere. Through GSC everywhere, you can:

  • Submit claims electronically
  • Sign up for direct deposit (to get paid faster!)
  • Read your full benefits booklet
  • Search for a provider near you
  • Connect to the Change4Life® health portal
  • Search drugs by DIN to see if coverage eligibility
  • And much more!

You can even submit claims right from your mobile device. Just download the GSC everywhere app. Could it get any easier?

You’ll need your GSC ID number to sign up for GSC everywhere online and in the app after the in-active period. Remember, your GSC ID number is your three-letter code school code, your student number and “-00” (example: TRU111222333-00).

Here’s a Look at Some of What Your Plan Covers

Your student health and dental plan ensures you can take care of your health and wellbeing during your post-secondary studies by offering a wide range of benefits. Take a look the Schedule of Benefits for the details.

Schedule of Benefits – effective September 1, 2023


Prescription Drugs

  • No co-pay.
  • $3,000 maximum per benefit year.

Please note: BC residents are required to register for the Fair PharmaCare Program through the BC provincial plan at prior to reaching $1,000 in drug claim costs.

Once you are registered, your pharmacy will submit your eligible prescription drug claims to PharmaCare first and any unpaid portion will then be submitted to GSC up to the maximum shown above.

Medical Items and Services

  • 20% co-pay (excluding Gender Affirmation).
  • Gender affirmation (diagnosis of gender dysphoria from a physician (M.D.) or nurse practitioner is required):  Reasonable and customary charges, limited to $10,000 lifetime.
  • Footwear (custom made boots or shoes, modification/ repair to footwear, footwear as an integral part of a brace, or modification/ repair to custom made foot orthotics): $150 per benefit year combined.
  • Blood glucose meter: $150 every 5 benefit years.
  • Wheelchair modification/ repair: $250 per lifetime.
  • TENS machine: $700 per lifetime.
  • Insulin pump: 1 per lifetime.
  • Bra (mastectomy): Reasonable and customary charges.
  • Compression Stockings: Reasonable and customary charges.
  • Wigs: $250 per lifetime.

Emergency Transportation

  • 20% co-pay.
  • $500 per trip.

Professional Services

  • 20% co-pay.
  • Chiropractor, Registered Massage Therapist (Rx required), Naturopath, Osteopath, Physiotherapist, Speech Therapist (Rx required every 12 months): $40 per visit up to $400 per type of practitioner per year.
  • Psychologist, Social Worker/Counsellor, Master of Social Work or Psychotherapist (Physician (M.D.) or nurse practitioner recommendation required every 12 months): $75 per visit up to $600 per benefit year combined.
  • Holistic Nutritional Consultant:  $75 per visit included in the overall combined maximum of $600 per benefit year for Psychologist, Social Worker/Counsellor, Master of Social Work and Psychotherapist.
  • Chiropodist or Podiatrist: $40 per visit up to $400 per benefit year combined.

Accidental Dental

  • 20% co-pay.
  • $1,000 per dental accident.


  • Prescription eye glasses or contact lenses: $150 every 24 consecutive months.
  • Optometric eye exams: No co-pay $100 for one eye exam every 2 benefit years.


Maximum Number of Days per Trip

  • 60 days.


  • $5,000,000 per covered person per benefit year.


Fee Guide

  • The current Provincial Dental Association Fee Guide for General Practitioners in the province where services are rendered.


  • $750 per benefit year.

Basic Services

  • 20% co-pay.

Comprehensive Basic Services

  • 50% co-pay.

Standard Denture Services

  • 30% co-pay.

Comprehensive Oral Surgery

  • 85% co-pay.

Major Services

  • 85% co-pay.


  • $7,500.

For a full description of all products and services, please log in to GSC everywhere for a copy of your booklet.

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