May 5, 2021

Computer Workware Inc. Joins Green Shield Canada Group of Companies

Computer Workware Inc. Joins Green Shield Canada Group of Companies

TORONTO, ONTARIO, May 5, 2021 – Green Shield Holdings Inc., a part of the Green Shield Canada (GSC) group of companies, announced that it has acquired Computer Workware Inc. (CWI).  

"Continually advancing our broader business diversification strategy, specifically in benefits administration and management, is a key priority and we’re excited about what this transaction adds to our portfolio of solutions,” said Rino Rondinone, GSC executive vice president of benefits management and technology services. “CWI’s track record of service excellence, growth and innovation, including its Vital Objects (VO) software and iBenefits platform, provides the basis for a partnership with GSC and its HBM+ division that will allow GSC to enable access to new customers and broaden its capabilities as a benefits administrator.”

Throughout its history, CWI has focused on the creation and provision of innovative employee benefits and insurance administration software solutions to leading Canadian group insurers and third-party administrators. Their flagship software solution, VO, enables clients to administer traditional, flex and hour bank programs for group plan sponsors and members. In addition to the VO solution, their new iBenefits platform leverages core VO functionality to provide a fully digital-first experience for plan sponsors and plan members.

GSC and HBM+ will partner with CWI to leverage their core strengths to provide customers with leading technology solutions for benefits administration services and products. “CWI’s administration software suite will enhance GSC’s ability to provide robust solutions – including flexible benefits and hour bank administration – to clients with such administration needs,” said Brent Allen, GSC executive vice president of group. “This perfectly complements our ability to manage more complex plan designs and serve clients who prefer a social enterprise as their carrier.”

“On behalf of the CWI team, I am very excited for the future,” stated CWI’s President Chris Mascitelli. “The acquisition will allow CWI to further enhance the iBenefits and VO platform and give our clients new opportunities to further grow their business. This is a very exciting time for all of us at CWI.”

CWI’s current leadership team will continue to operate the business under the CWI name with Chris Mascitelli remaining president.

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About Green Shield Holdings Inc.
Part of the Green Shield Canada (GSC) group of companies, Green Shield Holdings Inc. is the primary company used to house subsidiaries.

About Green Shield Canada (GSC)
GSC is Canada’s fourth-largest health and dental benefits provider, and is uniquely structured as a social enterprise with the purpose of making it easier for people to live their healthiest lives. From coast-to-coast, GSC’s service delivery includes drug, dental, extended health care, vision, hospital, and travel benefits for groups and individuals, as well as administration and benefits management services. Supported by outcomes-based sustainability strategies, advanced technology, and exceptional customer service, GSC creates innovative programs for nearly four million plan participants nationwide.

About HBM+
HBM+ is more than a pharmacy benefits manager, it is a health benefits manager. With offices in Quebec and Ontario, HBM+ provides customized white-label solutions that support drug, dental and extended health benefits for group benefits carriers, third-party payors, and government organizations across Canada. HBM+ is built on a foundation of proven technology, seamless branding, innovative claim management and administration capabilities, collaborative provider management, and solid industry expertise. They recognize that each client is unique and requires a business solution tailored to their needs.

About Computer Workware Inc. (CWI)
CWI is a Canadian software company focusing on the development of insurance administration solutions for employee group benefits since 1986. Our flagship products, iBenefits and Vital Objects, provide solutions for Canada’s largest insurance companies and third-party administrators and associations.