May 29, 2024

A Force for Good: GreenShield releases 2023 Social Impact Report 

A Force for Good: GreenShield releases 2023 Social Impact Report 

Toronto, ON – May 29, 2024 – Today GreenShield releases its 2023 Social Impact Report, Caring from the Inside Out, highlighting the impact of their investments to improve the lives of Canadians. 

As Canada’s only national non-profit health and benefits provider, GreenShield exists to improve health outcomes, drive systemic change, and foster a healthier, more equitable society. As a non-profit, the company’s main metric of success is the number of lives they positively impact. Their approach to social impact is sustainable, reinvesting their earnings and redeploying their services to improve the well-being of Canadians, to advance their social mission of Better Health for All. 

“GreenShield has been on a health equity journey for nearly 70 years. We consistently challenge the status quo by putting our purpose at the heart of everything we do,” said Mandy Mail, Executive Vice President, Head of Marketing, Communications & GreenShield Cares. “As a non-profit social enterprise, our approach to social impact is unique – we seamlessly integrate our social and business strategies, to scale our impact and become an even greater force for good.”

The 2023 Social Impact Report is a testament to the strides GreenShield has made to build a future where every Canadian can thrive. The report highlights their progress towards reaching their goal to invest $75 million to positively impact one million Canadians by the end of 2025. 

In 2023 GreenShield:

  • Grew enterprise-wide social impact investments to $11.3 million, positively impacting 200,000 lives across Canada, bringing cumulative totals to over $47 million invested and nearly 450,000 people positively impacted.
  • Expanded access to culturally appropriate mental health support - investments to-date exceeding $18.5 million in mental health initiatives, positively impacting 300,000 Canadians. 
  • Introduced a first-of-its-kind Essential Medicines program – bridging the accessibility gap for the one million Canadians without prescription drug coverage.  
  • Announced three new partnerships to address oral health community needs – investments to date exceeding $20 million and assisting a total of nearly 50,000 underserved and equity-seeking individuals across Canada access oral health care and services. 
  • Launched GreenShield+, a digital health and benefits ecosystem, integrating coverage and care all in one place in a way that will improve access, convenience, integration and health outcomes for Canadians.

Leveraging their innovative mindset, GreenShield develops products and services that address the needs of equity-seeking groups. “In collaboration with our community partners, we’re committed to co-creating culturally appropriate solutions to meet the needs of underserved and equity-seeking populations,” added Mail. “Ultimately, we will scale and embed these solutions into GreenShield’s customer offerings to pave the way for products and services as diverse as the Canadians we serve. We’re proud of our accomplishments and continue our pursuit of Better Health for All.”

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About GreenShield:

GreenShield is an integrated health and benefits organization and the first organization in Canada to operate as a payer-provider — offering insurance, administering benefits, and paying claims as a 'payer' while offering health services such as mental health, pharmacy, telemedicine and chronic disease services as a 'provider.' Integrating both sides of the payer-provider equation enables GreenShield to simplify access to care, remove administrative barriers, and improve health outcomes for its customers.  

GreenShield is uniquely structured as a non-profit social enterprise that reinvests its earnings and redeploys its services to support equity-seeking Canadian communities via its social impact brand, GreenShield Cares. The company's overarching goal is to generate $75 million of social impact investments to improve the lives of at least 1 million Canadians by the end of 2025, focusing on mental health, oral health, essential medicines, and chronic disease management.  

As the industry's noble challenger, GreenShield continues to innovate, evolving its offerings and services to deepen its mission of Better Health for All.

GreenShield is comprised of three non-profit entities: Green Shield Canada (GSC), Green Shield Association (GSA) and Green Shield Canada Foundation (GSCF), and GSA’s wholly owned subsidiaries, including Green Shield Health Inc. and Green Shield Administration Inc.