Preventive Healthcare Program

A woman in a tan shirt getting prepped for a blood test by a nurse

Empower your workforce to actively participate in their well-being with access to our Preventative Healthcare Program, which allows employees to maximize the benefits of routine health and biometric screening with next-step follow-up and guided support.

A woman in a tan shirt getting prepped for a blood test by a nurse

Preventive Healthcare Program overview

The value of health screening

The Preventative Healthcare Program can help promote a positive work culture, reduce absenteeism, and lessen the incidence of short and long-term leaves when conditions are prevented or managed.

Consultation and assessment

Employees receive a comprehensive consultation/assessment completed by a nurse that addresses current health status, social functioning, medical history, medication review and risk assessment.

A woman in a tan shirt getting prepped for a blood test by a nurse

Additional program benefits

  • We work with the employee to create a plan that best supports their needs and improves long-term health.
  • Referrals to professionals within our network, such as a registered dietitian, antenatal coach, nutritionist, fitness coach, life coach, doula, kinesiologist, and more.
  • Employees may continue engagement with specialized health coaches once they have exhausted their allotment of hours via self-pay or extended health benefits.

What to expect from the program

A nurse from the health services team will contact the employee to offer an assessment appointment within two business days of receipt of screening results and signed Release of Information/Consent to Contact form.

An assessment appointment will be made available to the employee within three business days of receipt of the referral. If GreenShield cannot connect with the employee, two additional follow-up attempts will be made and documented accordingly.

For those employees whose health screening results indicate acute concerns, the nurse will forward the findings to the physician indicated on the Release of Information form, signed by the client.

Aggregate findings detailing thematic concerns will be collected and shared with the employer. This will allow the employer to customize education sessions and wellness programs.

Learn more about our health services

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