Pharmacy Benefits Management

A pharmacist checking an tablet while at work

With an ever-changing pharmacy landscape, our professional Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee has the clinical and drug plan management expertise required to offer innovative and flexible solutions that prioritize plan member’s health while keeping drug plans sustainable.

A pharmacist checking an tablet while at work
Broad expertise
Flexible solutions
Ahead of the curve
A pharmacist in a lab coat holding several boxes with medication inside

Formulary, claim cost, and utilization management

As our own Pharmacy Benefit Manager, we specialize in evidence-based formulary management to control drug costs with options to reflect a plan’s philosophy while ensuring access to essential medications.

  • Flexible formulary options
  • Provincial plan coordination
  • National pricing policy
A pharmacist using a desktop computer at work

Specialty care program

The program offers both patient adherence and clinical support services, and a pharmacy network for high-cost and complex drugs.

  • Patient care program
  • Savings support
  • Care coordination
A worker in a factory packaging pharmaceuticals

Specialty pharmacy

NKS Health is a specialty pharmacy offering comprehensive care for complex conditions.

  • Comprehensive pharmacy network
  • Product quality assurance
  • Clinical expertise in special therapeutic areas

Effective high-cost drug management

Claims cost management strategies include:

  • Canada’s first and most comprehensive biosimilars program
  • Evidence-informed prior authorization program
  • Drug benefit navigation

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