GSC Talk - April 2022

April 6, 2022

gsc talk

Another Change4Life® challenge means another chance to win

Until June 30, check out our custom-made Mindfulness Program (we made it with a Canadian expert), for an easy and fun way to learn about mindfulness and how you can use it to better manage life’s daily challenges – it can be a game-changer!

Complete two or more sessions of the program before June 30, 2022 and you are automatically entered into a draw for a $200 gift card prize package. You’re eligible to win even if you’ve completed the program before – everyone can win! And remember, everything you do on Change4Life earns you points to bid on prizes each month – even completing the Mindfulness Program sessions. Want to learn a bit more about our Mindfulness Program? Here’s a teaser.

Haven’t registered for Change4Life yet? Take just a few minutes to create your account and complete your health risk assessment (HRA) and start earning points right away – 500 points for answering the questions in the HRA which gives you your overall health score. Complete the HRA every six months and you’ll earn 500 points each time.

You can access Change4Life through GSC everywhere (within the “GSC Offerings” menu above the dashboard on the desktop, and under “More” and then “GSC Offerings” on the mobile app).

Offering you support through pharmacist-delivered coaching programs

We understand that preventing and managing chronic diseases like hypertension and high cholesterol are a major challenge. We also know it’s not easy to quit smoking, even with the best intentions. As a GSC plan member, you may have coverage for a Cardiovascular Health Coaching Program and a Smoking Cessation Program, both delivered by pharmacists. Your pharmacist can let you know if coverage is available to you.


This program offers support and coaching provided by pharmacists to help manage blood pressure and cholesterol, and to improve overall cardiovascular health.

Who’s eligible for GSC's Cardiovascular Health Coaching program (when it’s part of the benefits plan)?

The program is available to plan members and eligible dependents (spouses and children) who have been diagnosed with both hypertension and elevated cholesterol and who:

  • Have GSC drug benefit coverage,
  • Are under 65 years of age, and
  • Are taking at least one drug to treat hypertension and one drug to treat high cholesterol.


GSC’s Smoking Cessation Program offers both smoking cessation drugs and counselling provided by a specially trained pharmacist. Try to quit with just the medications, just the counselling, or both. It’s all about choice.

Want to stop smoking but are finding it a challenge?

Research indicates that most smokers make multiple quit attempts before successfully becoming a non-smoker. It is also well documented that the deal breaker – that makes all the difference between a successful and unsuccessful quit attempt – is a supportive environment.

The Smoking Cessation Program is based on numerous studies that show improved success rates when programs offer choice and flexibility. Our program offers both smoking cessation drugs and/or support in the form of counselling provided by a specially trained pharmacist.

Who’s eligible for GSC’s Smoking Cessation Program (when it’s part of the benefits plan)?

The program is available to GSC plan members and dependents who want to quit smoking and are:

  • Covered for GSC drug benefits
  • 18 or over for smoking cessation drugs and 16 or over for the counselling services
  • A resident of Alberta or Saskatchewan accessing smoking cessation drug therapy only. (Counselling is available under the provincial health plans)
  • Not an Ontario resident age 65 or older. (A similar program is available under the provincial health plan)

To learn more about these programs and other Health Coaching Services for GSC plan members, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Alcohol and/or substance use support with ALAViDA™

Whether you’re looking to gain control over alcohol or substance use for the first time, have been trying to quit for years, or just want to be proactive about your heath, the ALAViDA TRAiL™ Hello Premium program can help… and GSC plan members get an exclusive discount.

The ALAViDA TRAiL Hello Premium program is available to adults 18+, and can be your personal, private, and confidential guide tailored to your needs. Get coaching, therapy and medical support from licensed experts from your smartphone, on your own time.

The program may be fully or partially covered under your benefits plan. If coverage is available, it may be subject to your existing counselling coverage limitations. Better yet, ALAViDA will check eligibility and submit the claim directly to GSC on your behalf within two business days or less, and any coverage will be paid directly to ALAViDA by GSC.

Even if the Hello Premium program isn’t covered under your benefits plan, you can still access the discounted rate of $600.00 plus applicable taxes. Click hereto learn more.

Cross the Line – Active discount for GSC plan members

There is no time like the present to set your health goals and live your best life. We are proud to partner with Cross the Line – Active (CTL) to offer you a personalized fitness and wellbeing experience.

With CTL, you are connected with a live fitness coach who works with you to create a personalized fitness program that is aligned to your fitness level, activity, equipment preferences and your health and wellbeing goals. CTL coaches are there to motivate and push you to meet your goals. The program can be accessed via a user-friendly app that will allow you to get active whenever and wherever you want!

And the best part, CTL is available for GSC plan members and dependents at a discounted rate of $40/month. You’ll also get a one-month free in-app subscription to a personalized nutrition plan.

To learn more and register for CTL, click here.