Coming soon! Dependent management via GSC everywhere

August 24, 2022

gsc update

Good news for plan sponsors not currently using electronic enrolment: a new feature will soon be available on the GSC everywhere website that enables plan members to manage their dependents’ information in real time. This includes: 

  • Adding a new dependent
  • Updating dependent information, such as name, date of birth, sex, and in-school status
  • Removing a dependent
  • Changing family status for health and dental benefits (if applicable)

Note that for some situations, such as updates concerning dependents with special needs, a benefits administrator will still need to handle the change.

This convenient self-serve feature is sure to be welcomed by benefits administrators and plan members alike. Benefits administrators can spend less time maintaining routine dependent information on behalf of plan members and will be able to focus on other tasks and projects. For plan members it means the end of filling in and submitting dependent change forms or contacting their benefits administrator for help.

Real-time dependent management is designed to replace paper-based dependent updates and applies only to plan members currently enrolled in your plan. If your plan’s eligibility data is managed using a human resources management system, this feature will not be available to your plan members.

Dependent management will be available on GSC everywhere on September 28, 2022, for all plans not using electronic enrolment, and we will be telling plan members about the new feature in an upcoming issue of GSC Talk. If you have any questions about our dependent management feature, just contact your account team.

Additional enhancements will be coming to GSC everywhere next year, so stay tuned for more news!