Grow your dream practice

Control the pace of your business, create lasting connections with your clients, and become a part of a community of mental health practitioners.

Grow your practice

Manage your practice from the comfort of your own home or office.

Develop meaningful connections

Make a lasting impact with meaningful, therapeutic connections.

Be part of a community

Join a thriving community of qualified therapists and lifelong learners.

Easily build your practice with our support

Clients access a simple online system to book their phone, video, or in-person session with a therapist of their choice.

  • Set your own availability
  • Online appointment booking
  • Secure file-sharing
  • Digital tech support
  • Credit card processing
  • Secure in-platform messaging
  • Invoicing and receipt collection
  • Charting and clinical notes

Develop meaningful connections with your clients

Our matching questionnaire helps clients find the right therapist based on their needs and personal preferences, including symptoms and stressors, language, religion, and more.

Our questionnaire isn’t just for clients

We help you build lasting relationships with long-term clients, allowing you to work together for as long as you choose.

A passionate network of therapists is waiting

Connect with other skilled therapists across Canada
With GreenShield, you’ll gain access to:

  • Peer-to-peer consultations
  • Guest speakers and webinars
  • Networking and coaching opportunities
  • A tech-savvy support system
  • Professional development opportunities

Top-level support and compliance

We comply with all Canadian, US, and international privacy and protection laws and regulations, including PIPEDA, PHIPA, and HIPAA.

We welcome feedback from all of our therapists, and technical support is always available.

Practitioner support FAQs

How does practicing using GreenShield's platform differ from practicing using Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)?

GreenShield offers workplace mental health resources and support to Canadian organizations. Contracts with these organizations vary, from promoting our services so that employees have easy access to our platform to match with their ideal care provider and use their benefits or paying out of pocket for sessions to complete EAP services where the employer may cover a number of sessions with an GreenShield practitioner.

GreenShield promotes continuity of care and does not cap the number of sessions clients can receive, ensuring that providers can support their clients through their counselling journey.

Practitioners are paid for video and in-person sessions, regardless of whether clients who need mental health support sign up with us directly or through their employer. Ideally, practitioners see all of their clients through to recovery.

Where do GreenShield’s clients come from?

GreenShield clients come from many sources. They visit our website directly via healthcare professional recommendations, word of mouth, or online search.

‍We also partner with organizations in Canada to provide mental health services to their employees. These partnerships vary, with some organizations promoting our service so their employees can easily access help and use their benefits to cover sessions. Others may provide some free sessions and then encourage employees to use their benefits or pay out of pocket for further sessions with the same practitioner.

How does video counselling compare to face-to-face counselling?

Therapy is a personal experience; one treatment approach can’t fit everyone’s needs. Some people may find a screen distracting and in-person communication comforting. In contrast, others may not notice or find it easier to express themselves with some separation from their counsellor. The comfort and convenience of connecting with a client from your home office are also unique to video counselling.

Our service has important non-therapeutic benefits, such as easy accessibility, lower overhead costs, and being matched with clients not located nearby but seeking your particular areas of specialization.

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