Benefits administration

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All-in-one administrative services, powered by our innovative cloud platform. Flexible solutions that can administer traditional, flex and hours-based plan designs ranging from SaaS to fully outsourced models for clients of all sizes.

A man and a woman using a computer at the office

An integrated solution for streamlined benefits management

We match you with fully scalable solutions that deliver a user-friendly benefits administration experience as your needs evolve. Let us do the work or just some of it. It's up to you.

Outsourcing solutions

Scale up, scale down, or anywhere in between

Tailored to all plan designs and needs

For Canadians, by Canadians for a truly national presence

Technology solutions

Comprehensive and easy-to-use platforms

Hours banking, enrolment, eligibility, traditional, flex plan capabilities in convenient modules

Secure, scalable, and user-friendly with transparent and predictable pricing

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Outsourced extension of your team

We’ll handle whatever group benefits administration support you need using our fully automated, customizable solution and industry expertise.

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Streamlined administration solutions

With dynamic and user friendly features, large insurance providers can effortlessly administer traditional and flex-benefit group programs.

Innovative cloud platform

iBenefits supports dynamic benefits plan administration while providing security and cost savings with features that integrate seamlessly with benefits plan design.

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