Partnership with KITS brings exclusive vision care offers for GSC plan members

August 24, 2022

gsc update

As we hinted at in the Summer issue of The advantage, we are pleased to announce a partnership with KITS, a leading Canadian eyewear e-retailer. KITS offers premium eyeglasses at affordable prices, as well as designer brand glasses and popular contact lens brands. It’s vision care from the comfort of home, positioning customers to browse and select eyewear options from a laptop, phone or tablet, with free delivery right to the door.

This new partnership gives GSC plan members exclusive savings at KITS, with 25% off all prescription glasses and 20% off contact lenses, as well as access to other ongoing KITS offers (provincial terms and conditions apply).It also makes KITS the preferred and exclusive provider of vision discounts for GSC.

Even better, GSC and KITS are taking the experience to the next level to reduce the out-of-pocket costs for plan members. By accessing a unique GSC-branded version of the KITS site and logging into their GSC everywhere account, plan members can unlock integration with their benefits plan coverage that is a first in our industry. Here’s how it works:

  • The applicable discounts for GSC plan members will be activated at checkout
    • Discount code: GSCGLASSES to access 25% savings
    • Discount code: GSCCONTACTS to access 20% savings
  • At that same point, KITS will apply the vision care coverage available to the plan member as part of their benefit plan
  • KITS will submit the claim directly to GSC, leaving the plan member with just the true out-of-pocket cost to pay, and no claim to submit

Where a plan member does not have access to vision coverage, the exclusive GSC discounts are still available. We look forward to sharing more information with plan members in the weeks ahead, and KITS will soon be added to GSC’s Digital Clinic.