Love at first sight: Up to 25 per cent off prescription eyewear with KITS

October 25, 2022

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GSC’s new partnership with KITS, a leading Canadian eyewear e-retailer, brings GSC plan members exclusive savings of 25 per cent off any prescription glasses (designer brands included!) or 20 per cent off contact lenses. KITS helps you set your sights on affordable, high-quality prescription eyewear and contact lenses – from the comfort of home.

Even better, by logging into the GSC version of the KITS site, you can directly apply the vision care coverage available to you as part of your benefits plan, reducing your out-of-pocket cost. Note: This requires that you have a GSC everywhere account. (Not registered for GSC everywhere? Click here. Have a GSC everywhere account but forgot your password or username? Don’t worry, easy-to-follow steps will allow you to retrieve one or both, so you can get started.)

More on how it works:

When you visit the GSC version of the KITS site, log in to your GSC everywhere account (top of the page) to unlock integration with your benefits coverage.

Once you’ve selected your glasses and/or contact lenses, simply enter the corresponding GSC discount code (GSCGLASSES for 25 per cent off glasses or GSCCONTACTS for 20 per cent off lenses). The discount will be activated at checkout.

At checkout, KITS will apply the discount code and the vision care coverage available through your benefits plan and will submit the claim directly to GSC, leaving you with just the true out-of-pocket cost to pay. You will always need to enter your credit card information, but only the amount not covered by your plan will be charged to your card.

Standard shipping is free, but if you can’t wait to try your new look, you have the option to pay for faster delivery.

Don’t have vision care coverage in your benefits plan? No problem! These discounts are available to all GSC plan members.

Provincial terms and conditions apply.