Green Shield Canada launches GSC everywhere, its new member website and app

August 26, 2021

press release

Green Shield Canada (GSC) is excited to announce today’s release of GSC everywhere, its new plan member web platform and companion mobile app.

Eighteen months in the making, GSC everywhere is not just the brainchild of GSC’s Digital Strategy and IT teams, it is a true collaboration with GSC’s group and individual plan members who played a key role in advising the project’s designers and developers on how they wanted to access the digital services critical to them. The end result is a digital experience that streamlines online claims submission and simplifies access to information, whether checking coverage, searching for local health providers vetted by GSC or exploring the health services in GSC’s Digital Clinic. 

At the start of the project, GSC scoured its voice recognition data to find the most common words that users of the previous web and mobile platforms used in conversation with its Contact Centre agents when struggling to complete a task online. Those clues helped to pinpoint the areas of greatest focus in the rebuild of the platforms. The next step was to engage a panel of GSC plan members to provide real-time feedback to web designers on the project, ensuring clear language and streamlined navigation throughout.

“It is too limiting to say our plan members looked over our shoulders as we built GSC everywhere”, explains GSC’s Executive Vice President of Digital, Innovation and Brand Experience, David Willows. “They were literally perched atop our shoulders talking into our ears as we showed them our ideas for reducing the number of pages and clicks required to submit claims, check eligibility and access innovative health services. We certainly had to park our egos at the door for those virtual feedback sessions as our plan members had a lot to say and, in the end, they deeply influenced the final product that is having its debut today.”

GSC everywhere will be the place millions of Canadians go to access the health care that they and their families depend on, with the website and app expected to play an ever-growing role given the health crisis of the past year and a half.

“We are pleased that this major project, completed entirely through virtual teamwork, will see the light of day as we emerge from the darkest moments of the pandemic,” Willows adds. “As our plan members will see with GSC everywhere, access to better health – GSC’s ultimate, stated purpose – remains very much top of mind.”

 Click here for the GSC everywhere overview video.

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