October 6, 2021

Niagara Falls Community Health Centre and GSC Partner to Create Innovative Dental Public Health Program

Niagara Falls Community Health Centre and GSC Partner to Create Innovative Dental Public Health Program

NIAGARA – October 6, 2021 – The Niagara Falls Community Health Centre (NFCHC) and Green Shield Canada (GSC) are partnering to create the Green Door Oral Health Fund — an innovative dental public health program — that will offer access to dental care throughout the region, all at no cost to eligible patients.

Green Shield Canada’s Green Door Project has committed $880,000 (through an annual gift of $220,000 for four consecutive years) to allow NFCHC to offer cost-free care for hundreds of eligible low-income adults in the Niagara region who are currently unable to access regular dental care through either private health insurance or any form of social assistance.

The partnership has helped fund the completion of the clinic’s dental suites that will provide emergency dental work — and will also fund ongoing preventative care for up to an estimated 300 Green Door Oral Health Fund patients each year.

Green Shield Canada: Bridging Niagara’s Oral Care Gap

“Too many adults in the Niagara area don’t qualify for public programs and don’t have insurance coverage for dental care, and that’s a critical health care issue since the evidence clearly shows that regular access to oral care contributes to lifelong wellness,” explains Zahid Salman, president and CEO, Green Shield Canada. “We hope the Green Door Oral Health Fund will begin to bridge that gap in Niagara and pave the way for future public health partnerships,” he says.

Helping to Promote Healthy Smiles Across Niagara

“The Green Door Oral Health Fund is an exciting new way to work together and make a real difference for the people of Niagara,” explains NFCHC Executive Director Laura Blundell. “Greater access to oral care is a much-needed service that has the potential to greatly benefit the health and outlook of so many in our community,” says Blundell, adding that NFCHC is already accepting applications for the new program. Blundell says local residents can find more information online can call the Green Door Project Dental Clinic at (905) 356-2288 for more information.

Researching the Impact of Access to Oral Health Care in Niagara

The NFCHC Green Door Oral Health Fund program is affiliated with the Green Shield Canada’s Green Door Project, Canada’s largest public health program in history, announced in November 2020 in collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team of researchers at the University of Toronto who are investigating the long-term impacts of access to quality oral health care. Over the next four years, the University of Toronto research team will share back its findings with community and national health leaders.

Celebrating Community Partnership

To commemorate the partnership, the Green Door Project has commissioned a mural that was unveiled onsite at NFCHC. The mural was created by Waterloo-based muralist Julianna Restrepo and creative firm Jacknife Design.

Check out the mural here.

About the Green Door Project

The Green Door Project is on a mission to fill the gaps in our health care system by helping Canadians get access to the health care they need and deserve. Launched by Green Shield Canada in 2020, the Green Door Project partners with academic institutions and community health providers to provide no-cost care to those in need, and fund key research that will help us change the health care system – for good. Together, we’re building a better and healthier future for all. Join us. Visit greendoorproject.ca for more info.

About The Niagara Falls Community Health Centre (NFCHC)

The Niagara Falls Community Health Centre (NFCHC) is non-profit, community governed, multi-service health centre that provides primary health care, health promotion, and community development services all under one roof at no cost. NFCHC responds to the health needs of individual patients and their families, as well as to the health concerns of the community. We are committed to providing accessible services, the empowerment of individuals and communities, service integration, illness prevention and comprehensive client care. Visit www.nfchc.ca for more info.

About Green Shield Canada (GSC)

GSC is Canada’s fourth-largest health and dental benefits provider and is uniquely structured as a social enterprise with the purpose of making it easier for people to live their healthiest lives. From coast-to-coast, our service delivery includes drug, dental, extended health care, vision, hospital, and travel benefits for groups and individuals, as well as administration and benefits management services. Supported by outcomes-based sustainability strategies, advanced technology, and exceptional customer service, GSC creates innovative programs for nearly four million plan participants nationwide. Greenshield.ca

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