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A woman in a burgundy shirt using a headset and a laptop at her desk

We offer a comprehensive suite of tools and services to help sponsors streamline their processes, boost efficiency, and elevate outcomes. From claims management to fraud detection, we empower sponsors to provide quality care to their members while effectively managing costs.

A woman in a burgundy shirt using a headset and a laptop at her desk

Unparalleled integration

One fully ​integrated system for drug, dental, and extended health​ that takes plan members out of the middle.

Rules-based engine

One system, multiple services

Simplified management for a better member experience.

Customer service

Based in Windsor, Ontario, our customer service team comprises a proud union workforce with low turnover, ensuring a commitment to quality service and stability.

Spending management

Our SMARTspend solution promotes cost-efficiency and health outcomes, enabling effective management of healthcare spending.

Claim Watch

Our dedicated team investigates claims, conducts audits, and detects fraud and abuse, ensuring the integrity of your insurance coverage.

Formulary management

As our own Pharmacy Benefit Manager, we specialize in formulary management to control drug costs while ensuring access to essential medications.

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Unlock efficiency

Innovation Solutions: Our commitment to advanced technology ensures you access the latest and most effective tools available.

Customized Approach: Our solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.

Proven Results: Our expertise helps plan sponsors enhance their operations, minimize expenses, and improve member satisfaction.

Experience the benefits of our insurance and health solutions

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