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GSC360 provides access to comprehensive benefits solution built by specialists in their fields. Provide plan members with financial protection for themselves and their families with group life, Accidental death & dismemberment benefits (AD&D) and disability benefits, underwritten and managed by RBC Insurance®.

A pair of women wearing headsets while working on a computer together

GSC360: Streamlined at every step

We understand that efficiency is key for plan sponsors, and GSC360 streamlines tasks, freeing up valuable time for HR teams. Our integrated approach elevates the GreenShield experience with one GSC360 account team that combines proposal, benefits booklet, implementation, bill, and renewal—delivering end-to-end simplicity. Less communication, more simplicity. A flexible foundation for long-term sustainability.

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Life insurance

Basic life insurance provides a lump sum tax-free benefit to a plan member’s beneficiaries in the event of the plan member’s death. Coverage can be a flat amount or a multiple of the plan member’s salary and can be converted to an individual policy if they leave their employment.

  • For disabled plan members, premiums may be waived up to age 65. Coverage is also available for the plan member’s spouse and dependent children.
  • For additional coverage, optional life benefits for the plan member, spouse and dependents can be offered. Optional benefits are paid for by the plan member through payroll deductions.

Accidental death and dismemberment benefits (AD&D)

AD&D benefits provide a lump sum payment (separate from the basic life benefit) to a plan member’s beneficiary in the case of death due to an accident.

It also provides financial compensation to the plan member if they are disabled due to an accident, including loss of limb, eyesight, hearing speech or paralysis.

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Disability benefits

Disability benefits provide not just financial protection but also strategies and supports to help keep plan members working while disabled, or get them back to their jobs more quickly if unable to continue working.

GSC360 has various offerings to help manage disability claims:

  • Short term disability
  • Short term disability advice
  • Long term disability

Disability benefits under the GSC360 solution are managed by a skilled and caring disability team
and include several unique features:

  • Plan members can continue to work and still qualify for benefits
  • They have access to rehabilitation and return-to work programs

For long term disability benefits, additional options are available such as:

  • Optional spousal disability
  • Cost of living increases
  • Conversion to an individual portable plan upon termination of benefits or employment

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