Health and Life services

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At GreenShield, we understand that it often takes more than just therapy for your employees to live and feel their best.

We built our Health and Life services to provide additional support across the health spectrum to help optimize your team’s total well-being. Our vast network of over 100 different types of practitioners is here to help employees and their families navigate life’s many challenges and achieve their personal goals.

A father in a yellow shirt holding his baby

Health and Life services overview

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Health coaching

Provides employees with information and counselling on adaptive and preventative health and well-being, including smoking cessation, healthy eating models/nutrition, illness/disease management, and weight management.

Life transitions

Built for team members seeking information and support for family planning, parenting skills, childcare, eldercare, teen support, and life transitions such as marriage, divorce, and empty nest.

Career coaching

Employees are matched with a coach from our network who provides support and guidance around career management, career transition, and retirement transition.

Legal services

Provides information and clarification on real estate, divorce, custody and child support, wills and estate planning, family matters, consumer concerns, criminal matters, and legal rights. A 1-800 number and case ID are provided to employees immediately upon access to the employer portal.

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Financial services

Easy access to information and clarification on credit management, budgeting, financial management, investing, retirement planning, insurance and taxes. These services are managed by Acquaint Financial (appointment times scheduled on the employer portal).

How it works

We offer whole health assessments and provide meaningful recommendations to help your employees and their families take advantage of all our services.

  • Employees submit a request for their preferred service by visiting the Health and Life Services tab in our platform or by calling GreenShield Health directly. They will then receive a comprehensive consultation/assessment completed by a nurse on our health services team
  • The nurse works with the employee to create a customized care plan that best supports their needs and long-term health improvement.
  • Employees will be provided health education, access to resources, recommendations, or referrals to experts within our network.

Learn more about our health services

Please reach out for additional information regarding our products and services or to request a software demo. We would be happy to hear from you.