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Green Shield Canada

Social impact

Making a difference. Fulfilling our purpose.

GSC is unique because we are a social enterprise. That means we make social impact a priority throughout the organization.

Social Impact Strategy

The three pillars below are the basis of our social impact strategy and serve as a roadmap to deliver meaningful solutions to improve health and well-being.

How we make a difference


Giving Back (Philanthropy)

We help people and communities live their healthiest lives by giving our expertise, time, and money.

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Good Corporate Citizenship

We are committed to driving a sustainable future for individuals, communities, and our planet.

Driving Positive Change

We create shared value by addressing social needs while delivering on our business objectives, purpose and mission.

✍🏼  And we're tough scorers too! 

Reporting on our social impact efforts

At GSC, our social impact strategy is the catalyst for a wide range of activities every year – and we hold ourselves accountable by reporting on our progress.

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Green Door Project

One in three Canadians have no access to affordable to dental care. The Green Door Project wants to fill this gap.

From frontline clinics that provide care to those in need, to research on how access to dental care impacts Canadians and the broader health care system, we’re actively building a healthier future for all.

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