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Do you want to stop smoking but are finding it a challenge?

November 9, 2015


Do you want to stop smoking but are finding it a challenge?

Although you have the best intentions, research indicates that most smokers make multiple quit attempts before successfully becoming a non-smoker. It is also well documented that the deal breaker – that makes all the difference between a successful and unsuccessful quit attempt – is a supportive environment.

A helping hand in the form of a friendly ear...

The Green Shield Canada (GSC) Smoking Cessation Program is based on numerous studies that show improved success rates when programs offer choice and flexibility. Our program offers both smoking cessation drugs and support in the form of counselling provided by a specially trained pharmacist. You can try just the drugs, just the counselling, or both. Your choice.

Here’s how it works:

  • Once you’re ready to quit smoking ask your pharmacist about participating in the program. (Or your pharmacist may mention the program to you while providing another pharmacy service.)
  • Complete a Readiness Assessment questionnaire.
  • Develop your quit smoking plan and establish a quit date at your first consultation meeting with your pharmacist.
  • Discuss whether you want to try a smoking cessation drug. Your pharmacist can tell you about the options available under your plan.
  • Attend seven follow-up sessions with your pharmacist over the next 12 months to discuss your progress. You can meet in person, over the phone, or via some other means of communication – whatever you arrange with your pharmacist is fine with us.

Who’s it for:

The program is available to all GSC plan members and dependents who want to quit smoking and who meet the eligibility requirements:

  • Are covered for GSC drug benefits
  • Meet the minimum age requirements of 18 for smoking cessation drugs and 16 for the counselling services
  • Are not residents of Alberta or Saskatchewan or are not Ontario residents age 65 or older. (Similar programs are available under their provincial health plans.)

Nothing to lose except a bad habit. Everything to gain, especially improved health…