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Notice: MOVEit vulnerability

October 11, 2023 –  Green Shield Canada, an entity within the broader GreenShield enterprise, uses MOVEit, a leading third-party file transfer service, to securely move information with, and between, select clients and organizations that assist us in delivering benefits to our members. Green Shield Canada has been working diligently with external cybersecurity experts to confirm if there was any impact to Green Shield Canada systems as a result of the global MOVEit software vulnerability.

The investigation has concluded and shows no indication of any access to or impact on our IT systems, other than the targeted MOVEit Transfer application. Upon notification by MOVEit we promptly implemented MOVEit’s recommended measures to address the vulnerability and further secured our own file transfer protocols.  GreenShield Health (i.e. Inkblot, Tranquility, BCH Consultants and The Health Depot) is not impacted by this situation.

We have now determined that a subset of files containing personal information, transferred through the MOVEit file transfer service, may have been accessed, impacting some of Green Shield Canada’s plan members.  However, Green Shield Canada has been closely monitoring this situation and have found no evidence of any data involved in this incident being disclosed or misused.

Action Green Shield Canada is Taking

Green Shield Canada is directly notifying individuals whose data was contained in these files of this incident.  Out of an abundance of caution, we are providing these individuals with complimentary credit monitoring and identity theft protection services through Equifax, so they can be proactive – there is no indication of this data being misused. These services are specifically designed to assist impacted individuals in safeguarding their personal information. Details on how to access and utilize these services is provided in the notification.

Green Shield Canada remains committed to the security and trust of our stakeholders and appreciates plan members’ patience, support, and cooperation.

If a Green Shield Canada plan member has not received a notification from Green Shield Canada, there is no action to take or need for concern.