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Here are some FAQs (frequently asked questions) and the FAAs (freakin' awesome answers) about individual benefits.


I have benefits with GSC and I’m retiring/losing my coverage. Can you help?

We certainly have options for getting you access to the health and dental coverage you need. Our conversion plans offer varying degrees of protection, depending on your situation. Plus they’re guaranteed issue (a fancy way of saying you can get them with no medical questionnaire, as long as you apply within 90 days of losing your group coverage) You can buy directly from GSC or work with an advisor. Click here to learn more about your options.

How do I know if I am eligible to purchase personal plans?

Well, as with most things in life, there are a few rules on who can apply. But basically, all GSC personal health plans require that an applicant be a Canadian resident and have valid provincial health insurance plan coverage (Quebec residents must also have RAMQ). There are also age restrictions, but that varies depending on the plan you are looking to buy.

Medical evidence

Do I have to fill out a medical questionnaire when I apply for coverage?

Some plans are available on a guaranteed issue basis where drugs for pre-existing medical conditions are covered. Others require a medical questionnaire and coverage is subject to review and approval.


Can you tell me about SureHealth?

SureHealth™ personal health plans offer a wide selection of health and dental benefits and coverage options that you can buy directly from GSC.

How do I learn more about SureHealth™?

If you are interested in SureHealth plans, visit our website at, where you can request an information package, get a quote and buy completely online. You can also call our SureHealth™ information line at 1.844.850-SURE (7873). Our representatives will be happy to help you.

Why would I need SureHealth™?

Great question. SureHealth plans provide coverage for health and dental care expenses your government health care insurance plan doesn’t cover. And if you don’t have coverage at work, a SureHealth plan offers protection for a wide selection of benefits, with coverage options at economical rates.

How is SureHealth™ different from other GSC plans (i.e. Health Assist™)?

It’s all about how you want to buy. We offer the same product through insurance advisors under our GSC Health Assist brand of personal health plans, and very similar plans through our Prism® brand. Basically, all GSC plans are competitively priced, and you have options for how to purchase, depending on your preference.

About GSC

Can you tell me a little bit about GSC? I’ve never heard of it before.

Green Shield Canada (but you can call us GSC) started in the 1950s. Health and dental benefits are all we do, so we’re really good at the basics, like administering claims and answering your questions. We’ve been providing employee group health benefits for many Canadian companies (large and small) for years - and to individual Canadians for the past 20 years. In fact, GSC is the only national, not-for-profit health and dental benefits specialist in Canada. You can find out more of the history by clicking here.

Customer service/access to information are important to me. What does GSC offer?

First, GSC puts our customers first, and we’re committed to offering the kind of customer service you expect and deserve.

To make things easy and accessible for all our customers, we offer GSC Plan Member Online Services and GSC On the Go™. This innovative online service (and mobile app that can be downloaded to your mobile device), provide instant access to personal benefits, claims status, history and much more – at any time.

We also offer Change4Life™, a free online health management portal designed to support and encourage healthy living. Change4Life™ offers a wealth of tools and resources, tailored just for you. Log on to complete health risk assessments, get personalized health action plans, medication reminders, and lots more. Plus, as you use the Change4Life portal, you'll earn points you can use to bid on great rewards. The more you use the site, the more points you'll earn, and the more chances you'll have to win. (Hooray!)

Prefer a voice to a screen? Well, we’ve got a whole team of people (nice, smart people) who can help you with just about anything you need. Click here to get connected to one of them.