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And now for something completely indifferent

A podcast from your friends at GSC

Officially called…”And now for something completely indifferent…”, this podcast highlights the hottest topics and trends in Canadian health benefits. Brought to you by your friends at GSC, we lovingly refer to this as the industry podcast that absolutely no one asked for…but we’re doing it anyway.

Episode 11: "Customer Experience" and the insurance industry

Episode 11, August 17, 2018

In episode 11, hosts Sarah and David welcome guest Steve Mast, President and Chief Innovation Officer at Delvinia. Steve defines the concept of “customer experience” and how employee engagement contributes to it.
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Episode 10: Value-based Benefits

Episode 10, June 18, 2018

In episode 10, hosts Sarah and David celebrate the recording of the tenth podcast and discuss the topic of value-based benefits with guests Ned Pojskic, GSC’s Leader of Pharmacy and Health Provider Relations, and William Chung, Shoppers Drug Mart’s Senior Vice President of Payor Partnerships and Pricing.
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Episode 9: Chronic Pain

Episode 9, May 07, 2018

In Episode 9, hosts Sarah and David welcome friend and colleague Peter Gove back into the studio along with Founder and CEO of ManagingLife, Tahir Janmohamed, to discuss the complex topic of chronic pain.
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Episode 8: Putting pharmacogenomics to the test...

Episode 8, April 10, 2018

In episode 8 of GSC’s podcast, we talk to pharmacist and researcher John Papastergiou, as well as Ned Pojskic, our pharmacy strategy leader, about the research project GSC is currently sponsoring, looking at pharmacogenomics testing and patient outcomes in a community pharmacy.
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Episode 7 - Biosimilars... to switch or not to switch...

Episode 7, March 29, 2018

In episode 7, hosts Sarah Murphy and David Willows welcome guests Ned Pojskic, GSC’s Leader, Pharmacy and Health Provider Relations, and Cheryl Koehn, the Founder and President of patient organization Arthritis Consumer Experts into the studio to talk biosimilars.
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