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Travelling to Cuba - What You Need to Know Proof of health insurance requirements

February 22, 2016

The CBC posted a news story on its website on February 17, 2016, that has generated questions from plan members about travelling to Cuba. The news story states that Canadians travelling to Cuba must present proof of health insurance to enter the country. Please be assured that while this news report has been circulating in recent weeks, there are no changes to current travel requirements for Cuba.

As has been the case for several years, the Cuban government will accept a valid provincial health insurance plan card as sufficient proof of travel insurance coverage from Canadian travellers entering Cuba. However, it is advisable that Canadians also take proof of additional travel insurance. You may use this Confirmation of Travel Insurance letter in combination with your GSC ID card (which has your GSC Travel Assistance Group number on the back of the card).

If you have any questions about travelling to Cuba, please check the Government of Canada’s website at and ensure you follow the applicable requirements