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Why the Change4LifeTM Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is about to be your new BFF... Health & Dental Benefits as explained by a 24 year old

December 1, 2015

This month: Why the Change4LifeTM Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is about to be your new BFF...

Okay, so it seems like everywhere I turn I’m being told by like, some form of media, how to live my life. Whether it is how to dress specifically for my ‘body structure’ ( “pear shape” is good, right? And why am I suddenly a fruit?), what to eat (wait, is it quinoa or kale that’s in right now?), what not to eat (gluten? Apparently our greatest threat since Y2K...), what shoes I should buy based on my hair colour (seriously, that was a real article), and I could go on and on… Obviously, it is totally exhausting and overwhelming. And more important, red shoes look horrible on me, so sorry shoe/hair article but you were also dead wrong there...

If you’re considering making a lifestyle change, whether it be introducing something to your diet that isn’t deep fried in batter (*deep sigh*) or learning to run 5k for the fun of it (fun??!!) it’s probably best you get the big picture of your overall health right at the start. Bonus…..We have the answer for you. Taking the Change4Life Health Risk Assessment (HRA), duh! For those totally unfamiliar, an HRA is a super detailed health questionnaire you fill out and it gives back your own health report card. That only you get to see. No slouching home to get your parents signature on it. It is the first thing you see when you enter Change4Life. And you get modo points - 150 to be exact, just for completing it.

So, now you’ve completed your HRA...what next? You’ll receive that personalized health ‘report card’ along with an overall health score. Want more? The results also generate a recommended action plan complete with personalized tips, tools and resources in order to help you along the way to a healthier life. If you’re totally bummed out with your score, don’t fret – you can redo the HRA as many times as you like (which FYI, keeps your score and action plan current). You’re able to earn points for every six-month redo as well as watch your improvements over time. Sweeeeeet.