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Things you should be doing (but probably aren’t) on Plan Member Online Services (PMOS) A friendly checklist

January 1, 2016

What, you didn’t really think that we were going to completely gloss over the fact that you’re already registered for our Plan Member Online Services, did you? Au contraire. If anything, this is the perfect opportunity for us to promote the heck out of it, especially in lieu of the brand spankin’ new Change4LifeTM button you may have noticed on your navigation bar (but we’ll get to that later). Aside from having exclusive access to our online health management portal, there are a ton of super cool things you can do on PMOS (in addition to you know, reading this publication though bravo!) Now, this isn’t amateur hour people. From locating a dentist within your general vicinity, to never having to look for your GSC ID card ever again, PMOS exists to make things super convenient, and easy for you. And while we do like to pride ourselves on our technological advancements here at GSC, we must regrettably inform you up front that PMOS cannot clean your house for you (though we’d like to say we’re working on it.)

So in order to help you become even more familiar with PMOS, we’ve put together what we like to call, our first ever ‘Things you should do (but probably aren’t doing) on Plan Member Online Services’ checklist. This ultimate PMOS cheat sheet will help make the most of your online experience – who knows, you might even learn a thing (or two).

PMOS Cheat Sheet

  • Sign up for direct deposit – sure, you could wait around for the mail, then wait around some more in line at the bank or….you could just sign up for direct deposit and have your money deposited in to your bank account within two business days. But it’s your call...
  • Download our brand new mobile app - GSC on the GoTM, available on Android, Apple and Windows devices. Optimized for both smartphones and tablets, you can use GSC on the Go (depending on your benefit plan) to submit claims, look up drug coverage, find a health care provider and as a mobile ID/travel card. Download in your App store, today! 
  • Print a replacement ID card – gone are the days of having to search for your GSC ID card! Printing a replacement ID card (accessible via both the logon homepage and under My Benefits) is a quick solution for any misplaced cards, and will still be accepted by your provider. Pro tip: An electronic copy of your ID card is also accessible on our mobile app, GSC on the Go. And plus, the environment will thank you.
  • Locate a Health service provider – Use the Provider Search tool to find a dental, paramedical or vision care provider in your area. (You can search by address or postal code).
  • Use our Drug Coverage tool - Find out if your drug is covered under your plan (before you submit your claim) by searching either by drug name or by DIN (Drug Identification Number).