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Medication adherence and why you should ‘stick2it’ Health benefits (as explained by a 24 year old)

November 1, 2015

This month: Medication adherence and why you should ‘stick2it’Ok so like, I know what you must be thinking: What could possibly be so complex about taking medication that I need someone who is barely capable of forming coherent sentences to explain it to me? First of all, rude. Second of all, while taking your medication might seem as simple as ‘fill prescription, take drugs’ it’s soooo totally not. Studies (like, real academic studies and not something I conducted with my drunk friends out of sheer boredom) show that as many as 50% of Canadians don’t take their medications correctly. But that’s like, not even the worst part. Sure, there are people who just decide to take their medications whenever they feel like, but there are also some people who don’t even bother to fill their prescriptions in the first place. See? Sooo not that simple…

Now not to like totally scare you or anything but not taking your medication as prescribed can be a totally big deal. You could end up feeling 10000x worse, which could lead to additional complications and illnesses, or even worse, a trip to the ER. So basically, your medicine won’t work if you don’t take it. And if you don’t take it, you’re risking health complications as well as a lower quality of life. Is that really what you want? I sound like my mom now. OK, guilt trip over.

So like, lucky for you GSC is here to help because it’s not like sudden change is easy or anything. I mean, I’m STILL working on switching from Android to iPhone in order cut back costs so I can actually get around to paying off my student debt. Yet here I am, iPhone 6S Plus pre-ordered – rose-gold case and all. But that’s like, beside the point since this is all about you, and not me (for once). But as I was saying, GSC has gone ahead and made things super easy for you, thanks to Stick2itTM. Accessible through the Change4Life web portal (and the GSC on the Go mobile app), plan members can use Stick2it to set up medication reminders anytime and anywhere. It’s so convenient, and so easy to use, that you’ll probably find yourself wondering how you’ve gotten this far in life without it. Like Netflix. Don’t be that person…

  • The Non-filler: You don’t fill the prescription in the first place.
  • The Forgetter: You just forget to take the prescription.
  • The Skeptic: You fill the prescription then don’t take it because you don’t believe it will have any effect on your health.
  • The Unsure: You don’t take the prescription properly because you don’t fully understand what it’s for, its benefits, its instructions, and so on.
  • The Mixer Upper: You take a range of prescriptions at the same time with adherence varying from drug to drug.
  • The Fearful: You don’t take the prescription properly due to perceived side effects.
  • The Self-diagnoser: You take the prescription inconsistently based on how you feel—if you feel better, you stop taking it; if you feel worse, you start taking it.
  • The Stopper: You stop taking the prescription before the recommended course of treatment ends