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Your health is (literally) in your hands Change4LifeTM health portal now live on GSC on the Go

October 1, 2015

Your smartphone’s app store can oftentimes feel like an overgrown jungle. Every week it seems like there are hundreds and hundreds of new apps to filter through and while you want to check everything out, it’s hard to know what’s actually worth your while (and your data). Well, what if we told you that we know of an app that not only helps you get the most of your benefit plan, but your health too? It’s true! Introducing...the new (and improved) GSC on the Go – your one-stop-shop for all things related to your benefit plan now comes equipped with easy access to GSC’s online health management portal, Change4Life. For those unfamiliar with GSC’s mobile app, GSC on the Go brings the conveniences of Plan Member Online Services (PMOS) to plan members in a mobile, “unplugged” environment.

Accessing Change4Life now easier than ever...

Now packed with the same great Change4Life features you know and love, GSC on the Go makes it easier than ever for plan members to take ownership of their health. Log your steps on the elevator to your office, take your Health Risk Assessment (HRA) while in line at the bank, learn about your health on your subway ride, or bid on rewards while enjoying your morning coffee. And thanks to single-sign-on, you are only required to sign on to Change4Life once. Now that’s what we call easy!

Win rewards ANYWHERE!

As you know, Change4Life supports and encourages plan members to get AND stay healthy. The secret to our success? Two words: Rewards. Store. As you continue to the Change4Life portal (both desktop and mobile versions), you’ll not only be taking important steps towards better health, you’ll also earn points that can be used to win exciting rewards such as gift cards for popular retailers of sports apparel, home goods, travel and more.

And yes, the rewards are real…

Ok, ok we know what you’re thinking. Just how real are these rewards and just how long exactly does it take for my points to actually accumulate?? Well, we can assure you that a) the rewards are very much real, and b) the points accumulate far quicker than you realize.

Other Cool GSC on the Go Features:

  • Access your benefit/travel ID card
  • Submit a claim online
  • Find a health provider anywhere in Canada (we’ll even direct you there)
  • Check drug eligibility information or download prior authorization forms
  • View your benefit eligibility information
  • NEW easy access to Change4Life