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New document upload feature on plan member online services...pretty convenient

September 1, 2015

This fall, GSC will be introducing a new feature on our secure Plan Member Online Services website. Plan members will now have the option to upload scans or pictures of their claim submissions (like forms and receipts) for drug, dental, and personal spending account (PSA) claims. Although this is not the same as e-claims with real-time adjudication (like we have available for most extended health and HCSA claims), it is an efficient claim submission option that will eliminate the need for postage stamps.

Plan members will also be able to submit other supporting claim documentation for claims that have already been processed, including prescriptions, receipts, and more.

What this means for your plan members is flexibility, because we are offering even more claim submission options. And while plan members won’t have to go to the mailbox as often, let’s not forget that the ultimate in claim submission convenience is to HSEDIFY (have someone else do it for you). GSC leads the industry in health provider-submitted claims. All a plan member has to do is ask their health care provider to submit their claims directly to GSC, and pay any applicable co-pay. The next best thing is plan member e-claims – with instant adjudication…results are immediate. And if they’re signed up for Direct Deposit, there’s practically no waiting for the reimbursement. What could be better?