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Mental Health

Make mental health a top priority.

Learn all about the available mental health support options.

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Guided digital therapy that works

How it works...

BEACON is an effective, easy-to-access way to receive personalized cognitive behavioural therapy guided by an experienced, regulated, mental health professional. It’s a fully digital program, so therapy happens anywhere and anytime that’s comfortable.

BEACON is available to GSC plan members and dependents (age 16 and over). After registering online, access BEACON anytime via the web or app using a computer or mobile device. To register or see if it’s the right time, click the link below and click on “Start My Assessment.”

What’s the cost?

Even if BEACON is not covered under a GSC benefits plan, GSC plan members get a discounted rate. And BEACON recently launched free resources and links to BEACON therapy, including helpful advice and a new ability to treat health anxiety through therapist-assisted, digital therapy.

Want to learn more or see if BEACON is a viable option? Visit BEACON & take the assessment.

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Stronger Minds

We are proud to be sponsoring Stronger Minds by BEACON, a no cost digital program that provides crucial mental health support for all Canadians.

Access the program.

Mental Health

Tackling mental health with mindfulness

GSC’s mindfulness program is the industry’s first preventive, digital mental-health support program. Aimed at helping manage mental wellness as part of overall health, the mindfulness program is available to every GSC plan member via the Change4Life health management portal – at no cost.

Developed with the support of a renowned registered clinical psychologist using scientifically-proven research, the mindfulness program is based on the growing body of evidence demonstrating the real impact preventive strategies can have on mental health.

Log in to Online Services to access Change4Life.