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Five things you should know about using your benefits.

Are you new to GSC? If so, then this is the page for you. Here are the five things you need to know to make the most of your benefits plan.

🎫 Your ticket to great benefits! 

1. One number is all you need

  • GSC doesn’t use policy numbers. All you need is the number on the front of your ID card ending in -00.
  • Dependents are listed on the back of your card, each with a unique ending (-01, -02, etc.).
  • If you spot an error on your card, contact your plan administrator right away.

2. Sign up for Online Services

No seriously. Online Services makes your life way easier. Submit claims, check coverage, set up direct deposit, and more! You’ll wonder what you ever did without it.

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😉 What are you waiting for?!  
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📱 It's all at your fingertips! 

3. We’ve got an app!

Now that you’re signed up for Online Services, use that same login info to use the GSC on the Go® app.

Available for Android and Apple devices, download the app today and get access to your benefits anytime, anywhere.

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Free your wallet. Use your digital GSC ID card.

Going digital isn’t just easy and convenient, it’s also the best thing for our planet. Use the GSC on the Go mobile app to access your digital ID card, anytime, anywhere or add your digital ID card to your Apple Wallet!

4. Hassle-free claim submission

  • Easiest: Many providers will submit your claim for you. All you have to do is ask!
  • Still pretty easy: Submit your claims online (or on the app!) for fast and easy processing.
  • The paper way: Sometimes, paper is the only way. You can find pre-filled claim forms on your Online Services menu.
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🤗 Claim submission made simple! 
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🧘‍♀️ Put your health first! 

5. Your healthy living toolbox

Whether it’s digital tools that bring health services to your home, or our Change4Life health portal that supports you in living a healthier lifestyle, we encourage you to check out all the options at your fingertips.

Digital Health Tools

Love a good discount? Check out our provider network.

GSC partners with health service providers to offer you discounts on digital health services, glasses, contact lenses, and more.

Bonus: Keep your plan fraud-free

Benefits fraud gets more sophisticated every day. But you can help prevent fraudulent costs to your plan by being an informed consumer.

Help protect your plan by knowing what to look out for…