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Five things you should know about using your benefits.

Are you new to GSC? If so, then this is the page for you. Here are the five things you need to know to make the most of your benefits plan.

🎫 Your ticket to great benefits! 

1. One number is all you need

2. Sign up for GSC everywhere

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computer screen
😉 What are you waiting for?!  
mobile phone
📱 It's all at your fingertips! 

3. We’ve got an app!

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Free your wallet. Use your digital GSC ID card.

4. Hassle-free claim submission

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🤗 Claim submission made simple! 
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🧘‍♀️ Put your health first! 

5. Your healthy living toolbox

The Digital Clinic

Love a good discount? Check out our provider network.

Bonus: Keep your plan fraud-free