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Providing women with the right tools that consider their unique needs and lived experiences is a fundamental part of the healing journey. Our wellness hub of mental health resources helps break down barriers and provides meaningful support.

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Which Type of Therapy Is Right for You?

Finding the right mental health support is a critical part of your mental health journey.

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Prioritizing Your Mental Health

Learn how small steps can boost time spent on self-care.

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How to Support Women of Colour in the Workplace

What workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion really means with expert insight from a registered practitioner.

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How our programs help

“GreenShield helped by providing the Essential Medicines program, which was like a light at the end of the tunnel for these individuals who could then see hope and positive change, and that they didn’t have to choose between food and prescriptions.”  
- Jodi Pearce, health promotion lead at Windsor-Essex Community Health Centre 

We’re focused on increasing access to care

Here’s how GreenShield is helping to fill the gaps in the Canadian health care system.

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Essential medicines program launch

The Globe and Mail: Benefits provider GreenShield to offer drug plans for people with no coverage.

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Advancing health equity

Better Health for All: GreenShield’s mission to improve access and equity in health care.

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Prescription drug coverage in Ontario

Find out if our free Essential Medicines program is right for you.

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Meet some of our partners

GreenShield Cares’ multi-million-dollar oral health commitment includes investments in community centres and academic institutions to improve access to dental services and meet the needs of underserved communities while advancing research and preparing the next generation of oral health professionals.

From British Columbia to Nova Scotia, we’ve partnered with organizations in cities and rural areas across seven provinces to help fill the gaps in Canadian dental care services.

UBC Faculty of Dentistry logo
Northwestern Health Unit
McGill - Faculty of Dental Medicine and Oral Health Sciences
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Universite Laval Faculte de medecine dentaire
Niagara Falls Community Health Centre