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The Health Depot is GSC’s preferred digital pharmacy

gsc update

Following the press release announcing pharmacy acquisitions by the Green Shield Canada (GSC) group of companies, we’re proud to share that The Health Depot is now GSC’s preferred digital pharmacy. An emerging leader in digital health with expertise in chronic disease management, The Health Depot team of pharmacists is well-positioned to partner with plan sponsors and plan members to better manage the health and well-being of Canadians. And in the months ahead, we’re excited to spread the word!

As chronic disease continues to present a significant burden on drug plan sustainability and employee health and productivity, effective solutions are needed to support both plan sponsor and plan member needs. Here’s a snapshot of the current landscape:

  • Growth driver in drug plans1 – analysis of private drug claims shows that 79 per cent of the growth in drug plan spend between 2016 and 2019 is attributed to chronic disease; two thirds of that growth is driven by increased utilization.
  • Significant impact on productivity2 – seventy per cent of plan members report having a chronic condition and/or chronic pain; more than half report missing work or having difficulty doing their job due to their chronic disease.
  • Lower cost and fewer claims3 – data shows that digital pharmacies not only offer lower dispensing fees but also more consistently apply cost management policies that result in lower costs and fewer claims for both sponsors and plan members.
  • Medication optimization to improve health outcomes4 – real world experience shows that implementation of comprehensive medication management services to create individualized, effective, and safe medication regimens results in improved clinical outcomes, increased patient satisfaction, and reduced costs.

With a care model that leverages digital technology to ‘bring the pharmacy to you’ while monitoring medication safety and optimizing therapy, The Health Depot has the tools necessary to help manage the burden of chronic disease on your drug plans and plan members.

Speak to your account team today to learn more about The Health Depot and how we can lower your plan costs with a pricing plan that best meets your needs. You can add The Health Depot even if you are currently providing another digital pharmacy experience to your plan members, giving them more choice to meet their needs.

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2 The Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey, 2020.

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4 McFarland, M Shawn et al. “Medication Optimization: Integration of Comprehensive Medication Management into Practice.” American health & drug benefits vol. 14,3 (2021): 111-114.