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The continued impact of Tranquility by Inkblot

With an ongoing demand for mental health services from the comfort of home, we are seeing strong uptake and feedback about Tranquility by Inkblot – a digital internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy (iCBT) platform that helps to manage mild-to-moderate anxiety and depression.

This platform provides interactive learning modules and tools to help plan members develop positive coping strategies and reduce life-disrupting symptoms. It’s free with support from coaches for Nova Scotia residents 16+ (funded by the Government of Nova Scotia and Nova Scotia Health) and available at a discount for GSC plan members residing elsewhere in Canada and their eligible dependents (age 15+) – plus, it may be partially or fully covered under the benefits plan. Read more about our preferred iCBT program here.

Contact your GSC account team for more information and check out the recent testimonial below:

“For me, the direct human contact and accountability is key (...) I'm finding it helpful just to have someone to talk me through my thought loops and challenge me, and to have a place I can write my struggles down and evaluate them rationally (...) If you're not in a crisis but still struggling, could use some external validation or accountability, and are at a place where you're willing to accept some help and do some cognitive reflection exercises, I definitely recommend giving it a go.”

- Tranquility user, Nova Scotia