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Chipping away at the barriers to quality mental health treatment

For the past few years, GSC has been seeking ways to help chip away at some common barriers that prevent plan members from getting the mental health treatment they need, like access, cost, and a lack of evidence-based, quality options.

Starting August 1, we will be bringing the BEACON program to your plan members and dependents age 16 and over. BEACON is a proven digital mental health therapy program that uses the evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) form of psychotherapy to treat many different mental health conditions. It’s also much less expensive than traditional face-to-face therapy sessions. Pair that with a convenient digital delivery via a computer or mobile device, and we have a solution that addresses access, cost, and quality.

But what exactly is CBT? How does the BEACON program work? And how will the program be reimbursed through existing mental health/counselling coverage on your benefits plans?

To find out, click here to read a primer by Peter Gove, GSC’s health management innovation leader and subject-matter expert.

Click here to read a press release on Beacon. And don’t forget to listen to episode two of our companion podcast, And Now For Something Completely Indifferent, which talks all about the challenges in treating mental illness in Canada and the emergence of digital solutions to help fill the gaps.