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GSC Update: Introducing…SMARTspend!

Innovation in drug-plan management goes to the next level

As health care costs continue to rise rapidly, the value of our investment in health care dollars is increasingly becoming a concern for Canadians including both our private and public health care sectors. Numerous reports and studies over several years have shown that despite a high level of investment in our health care system, Canadians are not getting optimum value. (And you may have read the June 2017 issue of The Inside Story® which provides an overview of areas where Canada could improve and international examples of quality improvement.)

Green Shield Canada (GSC) has a reputation of developing effective cost-management strategies and innovative service initiatives that focus on value, particularly in the area of drug-plan management. To spotlight the range and depth of GSC’s value-focused innovations, we have now assembled all our cost management policies, strategies, and initiatives under one overreaching banner: SMARTspendTM.

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