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Green Shield Canada invests in MindBeacon

Green Shield Canada invests in MindBeacon to bring quality mental health care within reach of millions of Canadians in need

TORONTO, NOVEMBER 5, 2019: Driven by Green Shield Canada (GSC)’s focus on delivering meaningful solutions to improve the health and well-being of Canadians—especially those who are most vulnerable—GSC is expanding its existing partnership with MindBeacon Group to now become a lead investor. MindBeacon is the owner and operator of BEACON™, an evidence-based digital mental health therapy platform.

“It’s clear that many Canadians are not getting the mental health support they need. Not only are there not enough services available, but there is also a lack of evidence-based and digital therapeutic options; the kind of options that will really make a difference in people’s lives,” explains Zahid Salman, GSC’s president and CEO. “Building on the successful outcomes we have seen through our current partnership, GSC’s investment in MindBeacon will better allow our two organizations to collaborate and innovate in a way that brings accessible, high-quality mental health care options within reach of more Canadians in need.”

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is considered the gold standard for treating many common mental health conditions, including depression and anxiety. Since 2002, MindBeacon has been a leading provider of CBT through a network of clinics across the Greater Toronto Area called CBT Associates. In addition, in 2017—so that more Canadians are able to access and afford clinically sound care—it launched Canada’s first digital CBT program called BEACON™. Known as internet-delivered CBT (i-CBT), participants are guided

through therapy by a dedicated, accredited therapist for up to 12 weeks of CBT that includes a personalized course of reading materials and activities. For mild to moderate mood and anxiety concerns, this approach has been demonstrated to be just as effective as in-person delivered CBT.

Sam Duboc, chair and CEO, MindBeacon Group explains that “GSC’s investment will enable us to continue enhancing the range of ways people can access high-quality mental health therapy; therapy that builds resilience and empowers lifetime coping skills. Some people seek in-person therapy, however, many can’t afford it, and the availability of qualified professionals is severely lacking across Canada. BEACON, our national online service, is a viable option for those who face barriers to accessing in-person therapy or prefer an online format they can engage with anywhere anytime.”

Furthermore, Mr. Salman notes that “this investment in MindBeacon is aligned with our strategy of expanding the delivery of virtual health and well-being services in order to both increase access and improve outcomes for our customers as they seek to live their healthiest lives.”

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About Green Shield Canada (GSC)

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About MindBeacon Group

The MindBeacon Group is committed to providing evidence-based mental health therapy that is accessible whenever and wherever it is needed. With the goal of empowering individuals to live their best lives, MindBeacon Group brings ground-breaking innovation and current clinical best practice to the development and delivery of mental healthcare. Their clinical practice began with CBT Associates, a network of Greater Toronto Area-based clinics that provides in-person and virtual care to individuals across Ontario. In 2017, the BEACON™ digital platform was introduced as the first commercially-available clinician-guided iCBT service available across Canada.