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Green Shield Canada announces partnership with ALAViDA™ to drive virtual substance use management

TORONTO, ON: September 8, 2021 – Green Shield Canada (GSC) is strengthening its suite of virtual health solutions by partnering with ALAViDA, Canada’s first virtual care provider focused on the science of substance use management.

Substance Use Disorder affects millions of Canadians, and ALAViDA delivers a modern approach to treating it as the only Canadian provider focused exclusively on virtual management for substance use for those seeking to cut back or quit altogether.

“Factors like shame, stigma, and busy schedules make Substance Use Disorder the largest unmanaged disease in modern healthcare,” explains Joe Blomeley, GSC’s EVP, Individual and Mental Health. “It’s time to change that. We’re excited to be joining ALAViDA on this journey to make treatment for substance use more accessible.”

ALAViDA uses a connected model of virtual care that links physicians, therapists, and a virtual companion to meet individual needs and goals. Confidential and accessible on any device, the platform offers the privacy to engage in substance use management at a time and place of a patient’s choosing.

For employers, ALAViDA helps fill the gap for unaddressed substance use in the workplace with virtual treatment that guides employers to support employees pre-disability, reducing or eliminating the significant cost to employers – billions of dollars annually.

As this partnership unfolds, GSC clients will soon have the opportunity to add reimbursement of ALAViDA’s Hello Premium Program to their benefits plan, leveraging existing mental health coverage parameters. Later this year, the program will also be added to GSC’s Digital Clinic, a suite of carefully vetted and selected solutions that take the strain out of finding evidence-based digital health care.

To read more about GSC’s Digital Clinic, check out our recent press release or visit our website.

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Deb Quinn, SPPR