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DATAleap analytics takes benefit insights to the next level

TORONTO, ONTARIO (MARCH 12, 2020) – With data such a valuable currency in today’s increasingly technology-focused world, there is an ever-growing demand among plan sponsors, advisors and third party payors for data-driven insights that enhance benefit plan performance. In response, Green Shield Canada (GSC) and HBM+ (its health benefit management solutions division) have launched DATAleap, a plan-analytics offering that provides a deeper understanding of claims trends, key cost drivers and disease state data.

DATAleap products and services go beyond traditional reporting, delivering industry-leading interactive visualizations powered by dynamic business intelligence tools. Benefit indicators are uniquely presented in a way that tells a story and identifies themes and patterns, transforming rich data into valuable insights. DATAleap also offers plan benchmarking and demographics analyses to generate a sharper view of plan performance.

“DATAleap is another huge step forward in the quest for more informed plan management,” says Cathy Morrison, GSC’s Vice President, Planning and Business Solutions. “Users can explore data in ways that are fast, efficient and convenient. Whether you’re trying to figure out what happened, why it happened, or what is going to happen, DATAleap guides you through the analytics journey.”

DATAleap consists of three comprehensive packages: Plan Insights, Predictive Analytics and Prescriptive Analytics. Each package is configurable for clients and industry stakeholders. For more specialized insights, DATAleap also offers analytics services as a standalone product, tailored to suit specific needs.  

With DATAleap provided conveniently online, there is no need to request the data. Dynamic drill downs, filters, and other relevant analyses generate self-serve data-driven insights that are available in convenient extracts (PowerPoint, Excel, Word etc.).

“Analytics continues to be a buzzword in our industry, but it can be highly challenging to harness the power of data without the right tools,” Morrison adds. “DATAleap ensures a seamless, easy, and practical approach to getting at key insights.”

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About Green Shield Canada

GSC is Canada’s only national not-for-profit health and dental specialist, and their reason for being is the enhancement of the common good. GSC seeks innovative ways to improve access to better health for Canadians. From coast-to-coast, their service delivery includes drug, dental, extended health care, vision, hospital and travel benefits for groups and individuals, as well as administration services. Supported by cost containment strategies, advanced technology and exceptional customer service, they create customized programs for over two-million plan participants nationwide.


About HBM+

HBM+ is more than a pharmacy benefits manager, it is a health benefits manager. With offices in Quebec and Ontario, HBM+ provides customized white-label solutions that support drug, dental and extended health benefits for group benefits carriers, third-party payors, and government organizations across Canada. HBM+ is built on a foundation of proven technology, seamless branding, innovative claim management and administration capabilities, collaborative provider management, and solid industry expertise. They recognize that each client is unique and requires a business solution tailored to their needs.