Green Shield Canada (GSC) redefines wellness with Change4Life™

September 18, 2014

Under the banner of Change4Life™, Green Shield Canada will redefine the concept of “wellness” by utilizing advanced analytics to target employee populations diagnosed with chronic disease, and even more proactively, reach out to those plan members at the highest risk of developing one. Using insights from its data of millions of extended health and drug claims, this will be the first attempt in its industry to strategically engage with the employees most in need of support.

In a further attempt to move wellness from a soft science to a more evidence-based platform, Green Shield Canada will employ the latest research on nudging plan members to adopt better health habits.

Peter Gove, Green Shield Canada’s Innovation Leader for Health Management, explains Change4Life™:

“Based on the research and evidence available, it seems to us that all of the pieces to reframe wellness are out there. What needs to be done is to assemble all of these parts into a coherent and complete strategy. An end-to-end approach needs to include the identification of plan members at risk with advanced analytics and predictive modeling. Then we need the implementation of evidence- based health programs with creative strategies to enhance compliance. And, of course, there needs to be follow up and outcome evaluation. I think that Green Shield Canada can really make a difference by finally connecting all these dots.”

Green Shield Canada has announced and implemented a series of strategies to engage and support plan members in better management of their day-to-day health. This includes targeted education campaigns for chronic disease states, enhanced support systems for individuals and their families to navigate the health care system, and the launch of programs that will link plan members to health providers in their communities who can provide in-depth disease management support.

“This is an exciting moment for us,” comments Steve Bradie, Green Shield Canada’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “Our organization’s mission is ‘to create innovative solutions that provide access to better health.” Also, our Board of Directors recently examined the Canadian health care landscape and developed a vision of Green Shield Canada’s participation that included support for Canadians ‘to take personal ownership and responsibility for their health.’ I am very proud of this initiative that will give hundreds of thousands of our plan members the tools, programs and encouragement to achieve better health.”